The Expo track of AI Summit 2020 targets AI and Big Data practitioners of all levels. It is geared towards individuals, start-ups, enterprises and market leaders who have either launched or ready-to-market AI products, or have designed prototypes. The primary goal of the expo is to highlight the growing AI industry and enable new avenues for all stakeholders.

What’s in it for the Exhibitors

The shortlisted exhibitors will have the unique opportunity to exhibit at the AI Summit 2020, hosted by ITCN Asia.

Fantastic Mileage
Fantastic Mileage
Reach more than 67,000 people
Make a Difference
Make a Difference
Demonstrate how your product will impact business and society
Networking Opportunities
Networking Opportunities
Meet industry veterans, innovators and like-minded technologists
Collaborate and Elevate
Collaborate and Elevate
Attract potential investors for rewarding collaborations

AI Summit’20 Registration Form (Expo)

Kindly fill the details regarding your product/solution and ensure that all the necessary information has been added below as it will help us in assessing your submission better. Please note that all are required fields and must be filled for your entry to qualify.

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