The Conference track of AI Summit ’19 targets AI and Big Data researchers, academicians, students and thinkers. It is geared towards individuals, universities, institutions, start-ups or any other entity who have invested in AI R&D and would like to learn more about AI technologies. The primary goal of the Conference track is to highlight the growing AI industry, discuss new technologies and give coverage to researchers and their work.

The Conference track will comprise:


The AI Summit ’19 will host multiple conferences conducted by esteemed speakers from the industry. Subject matter experts and front runners of the AI revolution will talk about their core expertise and the works they have contributed to the booming field of AI. The engaging sessions will also discuss the challenges and opportunities of the industry.


The AI Summit ’19 will host various workshops on AI and Big Data technologies. The workshops will be conducted by experienced practitioners and industry veterans. Each workshop will focus on the current trends and developments and will be interactive to ensure maximum audience participation. These workshops are an ideal way to refresh your knowledge, learn about the practical world of AI, and learn new techniques.

Groundbreaking Research Papers

Thorough Research forms the bases of every innovative product. The AI Summit ’19 has invited researchers (from the academics and the industry) to present their research papers to a vast body of AI professionals. The research papers will focus on latest developments, techniques, algorithms and hardware in the field of AI.

Stimulating Panel Discussions

What’s the fun if there is no heated back and forth of ideas, productive brainstorming and challenging other players to think of novel approaches and ideas! The moderated panel discussions will invite group talks among industry experts who will share their ideas and give constructive feedback. For the attendees, it will provide a chance to see the experts in action!

Meet the Speakers

Ghazanfar Ghori
Ghazanfar Ghori
Chief Technology Officer, 10Pearls
Dr. Faisal Kamiran
Dean & Chairperson, CS Department IT University of Punjab Co-Founder, ADDO AI
Syed Ahmad
CEO, DPL and Chairman, PASHA
Peter Hesse
Chief Security Officer, 10Pearls
Zeeshan Aftab
Co-founder & Managing Director, 10Pearls
Zia Babar
Zia Babar
Research Fellow, IBM
Shahzeb Mirza
Head of Data Science, Daraz (Alibaba Group)
Dr. Sara Saeed Khurram
CEO, Sehat Kahani
Keshan Sodimana
Keshan Sodimana
Co-Founder, Open Data and Ex-Country Engineering Consultant, Google
Hassan Abbas
Director Software Services, 10Pearls
Michal Bugaj
Senior Data Scientist Kloud9, Kaggle
Imran Moinuddin
Imran Moinuddin
Founder and CEO, NexDegree
Noman Khalid
Founder and Chief Data Architect, Love for Data
Sophia Hasnain
Founder and CEO, Linked Things
Dr. Babar Hasan
Service Line Chief, Children’s Hospital at AKU
Dr. Muhammad Khurram
Dr Muhammad Khurram
Associate Professor, NED University and Co-Founder, Aqua Agro
Muneera A Rasheed
Director Patient Experience of Care, AKUH
Zeeshan Abbasi
CEO, mParsec
Oktawia Podlecka
Octavia Podlecka
Project Manager, LogicAI (Poland)
Qalab Abbas
Assistant Professor, Pediatrics and Child Health, AKUH
Dr Kamran Iqbal
Head of Pakistan Digital Health Initiative (PDHI)
Omer Salimullah
Head of Open Banking and Ecosystem Development JS Bank

Hands-on Workshops

Machine Learning for Computer Vision

Get a sneak peek into the tools and libraries of computer vision to learn how machines are trained to understand the visual world.

Clean, Build & Deploy a Prediction Model on Watson Studio

An awesome workshop for Machine Learning enthusiasts to get accuqainted with IBM tools and build a customized prediction model in minutes!

Data Science using Python

Join this exciting hands-on workshop and demystify data centric problems using a high level programming language.

Build a ChatBot with DialogFlow

Get introduced to Google’s DialogFlow and master the development suite for creating conversational interfaces.

Introduction to Kaggle & it’s Progression System

Know more about the platform that enables data scientists to engage in writing and sharing code using Kaggle.